Interview with Sreenath Singh (Career counselor and Soft Skills Trainer)

Hello Sir,

Good Morning!!

Me: Welcome to Career counselling interview on my blog

Sreenath Singh: Good Morning and Thank you for  inviting me

My name is Sudhakar aspiring to be a good career counselor and Trainer like you

Sreenath Singh: That’s great

Me: Can we start the interview?

Sreenath Singh: Yes, Please…

Me: Thank you sir!!

Me: Questions

1. Please let us know why you selected career counselor niche as your profession

Sreenath Singh:  Because I want to help people to achieve success in their life

2. What is the reason to choose career counselling profession

Sreenath Singh:  While I’m studying there were no mentors or counselors to guide students in right way . Lack of guidance made us to choose wrong career paths. I want to fulfil that need in career counseling niche to achieve success in people’s lives

3. How was your overall experience in career counseling profession

Sreenath Singh:  It was very good and challenging because it’s a great responsibility to take responsibility of someone’s life into our hands to make them travel in right way to achieve success

4. Do you faced any negative situations in your career

Sreenath Singh: Yes, obviously… People want to change their lives but don’t implement suggestions in their activities or life and looking for results overnight which is not possible. It needs lot of struggle to achieve success. Some People approached me in negative way as they didn’t achieved results or success because they never tried or implemented my suggestions or instructions. Just picked a course according to their interest and suggested one and left it to result.

I explained them just choosing a right career without hardwork or implemention never get results. You need to travel a long way to achieve success

5. How do you feel someone  appreciated your results as they got success with your feedback

Sreenath Singh: It’s a great feeling and self satisfied job. If someone get success with our suggestions and feedback that feeling is extraordinary as we changed someone’s life towards success

6. What is the percentage of students or people who achieved success with your counseling

Sreenath Singh: It is pretty good. Out of 100, 80% of students achieved success with my counseling services. It feels great when numbers are huge

7. What do you suggest to us on how to choose a career

Sreenath Singh: It’s based on your interest, skills set and strength. As a counselor, we will review everything and take all into consideration and come to a conclusion to give few options to choose a career which suits to their personality

You need to check your intrests, skills and strenghts and choose a best career out of it

8. How long is your support to your students

Sreenath Singh: Most of the counselors suggest some courses and leave rest to them

But personally I will support my students till they get success if they really in touch with me and implement my ideas into reality

I really want to change people’s lives and strive for it because it’s my passion

Whoever implement the things in reality I will be helpful to them till their success and enjoy their success personally but I don’t spend time on only suggestions or time passers with loads of questions without implementation

9. What methods do you use to identify student’s psychology

Sreenath Singh: I use International acclaimed Assessment tests and psychometric tests to identify student’s strengths

10. What do you suggest to aspiring career counselors like me?

Sreenath Singh: Instead of seeing counseling as career, Do it as a passion to serve people because you are in the position to change someone’s lives. Any negligence with improper suggestions and ideas will ruin someone’s life. It’s a great responsibility on your shoulders to change someone’s life, be accountable….

Best of luck to you and aspiring career counselors

Me: That’s great Sir,

Me: Pleased to talk with you sir

Me: I’m greatful to meet and interview you, your interview was great

Me: Very inspiring!!

Me: Good day and best wishes for your future sir!!

Sreenath Singh: Thank you !! Good day!   

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